Fundamental Of Hatha Yoga Breathing Techniques

The main principle followed in Hatha yoga is to breathe properly. Hatha yoga breathing techniques helps individuals build a good stamina and also restores all lost energy.

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Do you know that without the Hatha yoga breathing technique you will not even get 50% of the benefits you will actually get by practicing Hatha yoga poses and breathing techniques together? The most common complaint in today’s lifestyle is stress, tension, bad attitude, bad habits and a few more that can be corrected with proper Hatha yoga breathing.

Breathe Proper To Live Longer!

Most of the western countries give importance to inhalation instead of exhalation. In contrast to this idea Hatha yoga breathing believes that only a slow and absolute exhalation makes the respiration process complete. The point is, only when you exhale completely can you inhale properly! So you empty your lungs totally and then fill it with fresh air once again. This is why Hatha yoga breathing is given importance while practicing Hatha yoga.

The best way to check whether you exhale correctly is to remain silent. When you breathe slowly you will not be able to hear your own breathing process. To make sure that you are pumping out the air form your lungs thoroughly, tighten your abdominal muscles while ending the exhalation process. As said earlier, if your exhale properly you will be able to take in more fresh air to your lungs. Hatha yoga breathing also promotes the functioning of our lungs, improving its ability to hold more air.

While practicing Hatha yoga breathing you will have to perform these steps – draining the air out of the lungs, lowering the diaphragm to let fresh air enter the lungs, inflating your ribs and then heave the collar bone to allow the lungs to be filled with air. The process should be done in such a way that you don’t choke or pant for air and the breathing procession should be repeated again and again in complete stillness.

To check whether this breathing technique works or not, try it out whenever you feel tired or depressed. You will be surprised with the result and feel much better than ever. But you should also keep in mind not to strain yourself too much in the process. Just breathe unhurriedly, taciturnly and effortlessly.

If you are inquisitive to know how to do Hatha yoga breathing there here is a step by step demonstration. First lie down flat on your back and relax all parts of the body, especially hands, face and neck. Inhale slowly but steadily from deep inside your stomach, expanding your ribs and then heaving the collar bones to fill air completely till the brim of your throat. Wait for a second and then slowly but steadily exhale all the air emptying the lungs thoroughly. Try it out at home and experience all the benefits of Hatha yoga breathing technique.

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