Simple Yet Effective Hatha Yoga Exercises

Hatha yoga is basically the physical workouts done in yoga. Yoga typically consists of eight limbs and the aasana limb is the part that involves poses and postures. If you have recently started practicing Hatha yoga exercises, you will be taught the fundamental stretching, breathing exercises and meditation as a beginner.

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Although this form of yoga is quite reposeful a few practioners feel that it is too slow and pensive when compared with other yoga forms. If you are looking for some vigorous form of workouts then you should try the Vinyasa yoga that will involve a sweaty yoga session.

Hatha yoga exercises mainly comprises of breathing exercises, poses, physical postures, self-control and cleansing procedures. The term Hatha symbolize opposite universal energies like male and female, hot and cold, yin and yang. The word Hatha can be split into two – ‘ha’ which denotes the Sun and ‘tha’ which signifies the Moon where the Sun is believed to be a positive form of energy and Moon the negative form of energy. The main objective of any Hatha yoga exercise is to strike a balance between these opposites.

Hatha yoga exercises are popular for their restorative and refreshing impact on the physical and mental body. There are various poses that has healing powers to cure a simple headache to a life threatening cancer form. Depression and stress is another main disorder people love to get rid of and those who practice Hatha yoga regularly are miles away from these day to day stress and tension.

Hatha Yoga Exercise Is Gaining Popularity In The West

Like any yoga form, Hatha yoga gives best results when performed in a peaceful place and in a tranquil frame of mind. Make sure you practice every posture slowly and gracefully in a controlled manner. Never ever push yourself to perform the exercises and difficult postures. The slower you perform the better will be the results as chemicals like the endorphins are secreted to the brain.

Hatha yoga exercises helps in releasing tension, loosen body muscles, strengthen body organs, boosts stamina and increases overall flexibility in the body. Hatha yoga exercises comprises of physical workouts as well as breathing exercises and when worked out together enriches the circulatory system, digestive system, nervous system and the boosts the performance of our endocrine system.

The main objective of Hatha yoga exercises is to stabilize various energy flows in the body. You will be taught about 200 physical postures where you will learn the easy ones first and slowly graduate to the advanced poses. You will be awed at the various benefits you slowly start experiencing even when you practice the easier hatha yoga exercises.

Hatha yoga exercise is undoubtedly the most popular form of yoga that offers good health and restorative benefits. With its growing popularity in the western countries, Hatha yoga exercises can now be learnt at your local gym with the help of an instructor or self learning with the help of a DVD. Include this exercise regime in your life and see the difference for yourself.

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