Eco-friendly Gaiam Yoga Mat from an Eco-friendly Company

One major company by name Gaiam Inc. from Colorado that boasts itself as “lifestyle company” is engaged in manufacturing the Gaiam yoga mat.

The same company besides the yoga mat and related yoga products also offers information and commodities regarding Pilates, meditation, feng shui, meditation, and other eco-friendly products.

Yoga mats wear out over a period of time and the Gaiam Inc. company also acknowledges the fact and suggests that the used yoga mats can be gifted away to the animal shelters and they also offer various other recycling knowhows.

The company even takes back Gaiam yoga mat and offer a discount for the new one purchased and all the old mats are used for making kids’ puzzles.

Various Kinds of Gaiam Yoga Mats

The Gaiam Inc. Company’s eco-friendly Gaiam yoga mat is made from natural rubber and gives you a standard fit over any flooring and is known to be very comfortable for any kind of yoga postures. When you surf the Internet, you will find only yellow coloured mat featured and the highest cost for a piece may come around $40.

Ashtanga yoga and power yoga are considered as high intensive workouts and hence a tough mat such as the Gaiam Rubber Fitness mat is a must for doing and maintaining proper postures.

When you want to buy such high-end high fitness rubber mats then you may have to shell out a minimum of $80 and there will not be any colour choice for you other than blue.

When it comes to quality and durability, there is one more variety of mat by name Manduka black yoga mat which is the closest competitor for Gaiam variety and you can decide based on your own choices.

Next in the list of eco-friendly Gaiam Yoga Mat is the non-latex mat that is available in a variety of hues and you can get them in different styles.

The cost is also reasonably priced and you can get a 1/8 th inch thickness mat for a meager $22, but there will not be any cushioning effect on such mats. Due to the absence of the cushioning effect many aged practitioners avoid this type, but however it can best suit to younger generations for the money spent.

The next one is the most popular eco-friendly Gaiam Yoga mat made out of natural jute fibres. The mats are made from jute fibres that are infused with PER plastic, and as both the materials are eco-friendly such mats have become very popular among the environmentalists.

The mats come for a price of $40 and the product is equivalently superior to any other standard mats and the only draw back could be that the mats are available only in brown colour.

Finally, Gaiam Inc. company offers a premium variety of yoga mats and the company claims it to be the best of the lots of eco-friendly mats released so far.

The premium mats are made from the best of eco-friendly materials and it comes in olive colour and is thicker than the jute mats and hence the premium Gaiam yoga mat is very much suitable for heavier workouts such as power yoga or ashtanga yoga.

In an overall situation, mats offered by Gaiam seems to satisfy a wide variety of users and yoga practitioners and there will be one to suit to the needs of each and every yoga practitioner.

Besides the durability and the other favourable features, the best part is the eco-friendly nature of the Gaiam yoga mats that attracts the general yoga practitioners and the environmentalists alike.

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