Find Out Why Manduka yoga Mat is Worth its High Cost

You can normally get a decent yoga mat for a price of $15 to $30 where as for buying a the manduka yoga mat you may have to spend a minimum of $80 per piece and the cost may even cross $100 in few cases.

You may be even surprised at the price of certain light weight manduka yoga mat hovering around $70 a piece and you may start wondering about what could be the speciality in such manduka yoga mats that possibly makes such mats more expensive than any other yoga mats.

You can get most of your queries answered when you visit the Manduka web site and read the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

The main reason for such a high cost is attributed to the superior quality that can last long till your lifetime and they also claim that your offspring may also be able to use the same mat.Further, they acclaim the superiority due to the use of little PVC and due to the complete absence of latex in their products.

If you happen to come across few reviews, probably in, then you can come to know that the manduka yoga mat has two specific sides namely top and bottom sides and they are not interchangeable.The bottom side of manduka yoga mat fits perfectly flat on the floor and the top portion offer a slip free surface for the yoga practitioner using the mat.

The very important point could be that under any circumstances the manduka yoga mat will not slide or slip away during the course of the yoga postures and the top portion extends the necessary supple surface for the comfort of the practicing person.

Few other customer reviews also claim that the manduka yoga mat is extremely durable and extends a very comfortable and supple surface for the yoga practitioners and the mat is also very good in giving the necessary support for the hands, feet, knees, and elbows. Further, the extra thick manduka yoga mat makes it a convenient choice for practitioners who do ashtanga yoga.

Do You get Your Money’s Worth from the Manduka Yoga Mat?

What is “Mercedes” to the automobile industry or car, the same is the manduka yoga mat to yoga practitioners. Some times the manduka yoga mat is also referred as “instructor’s mat” due to its high durability and it is up to you to decide whether or not to go for a “Mercedes” type yoga mat.You can make your purchase decision based on your intent desire towards practicing yoga.

For instance, if you want to make yoga as a part and parcel of your life, then you may be in need of a good yoga mat that may last long and give the perfect support and your natural choice could be the manduka yoga mat, irrespective of the cost involved.Over an extended period of time you will be able reap real benefits that may even outlast the cost of the mat.

However, if you are a casual yoga practitioner and never bother to stick to schedules, then manduka yoga mat is not for you. You may go in for lesser-priced yoga mats and keep changing them as and when they wear out.

It will be a best idea if you can get a first hand experience by actually trying few yoga postures over the manduka yoga mat. In such a possibility, you will be in a better position to evaluate the usefulness of the manduka yoga mat in comparison to your affordability and the utility.

You can check with your neighbours or the local stores as to whether you can have a try on the mat initially.

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