Where to Get Started in Your Yoga Equipment Purchase?

Your decision of taking up yoga practice will certainly turn out to be the best one in your lifetime.

Warm Greetings! You have just picked up the most versatile and effective exercise schedule and be rest assured that through yoga you can have an overall improvement both at physical level and mental level.

The best part of yoga that differentiates it from other forms of exercise is that you need not have an expensive list of yoga equipment and all that are required can be procured with little money.

For example, there is no need for special shoes for doing yoga, as majority of the yoga practitioners does it barefoot. If at all you are interested in wearing shoes as in the case of Americans, then you can go for simple sport shoes that are flexile and supple in nature.

Regarding the clothing, a pair of well fitting trousers and a top or a nice shirt is all what is required for commencing your yoga sessions. The barest minimum recommended yoga equipment can easily be bought for a meagre sum less than $100 and some times you may even buy them for less than $50, if you have any budget restrictions.

The first and foremost requirement in the list of yoga equipment will be a nice and good sticky yoga mat. A good sticky yoga mat can give you the necessary hold on the floor during your postures and it prevents you from slipping or sliding. You can buy such yoga mats from many online stores and the starting range in from $20 a piece.

During your strenuous workout schedules, you may sweat profusely and the yoga mat you use might get wet. Hence the mat that you select should have a property not to allow slipping even in wet condition.

After your yoga session, you can clean your mats using little amount of vinegar or any other anti-bacterial cleaning solutions that are available in many stores near to you.

The next widely used yoga equipment is the yoga ball. Yoga balls come in various sizes starting from 55 centimeters and even up to 80 centimeters in diameter. Yoga balls are used for extra support and to maintain few of the complicated postures such as back bend.

You can also use yoga balls for sitting over them for gaining a balance. Generally, a good yoga ball may cost you around $20 to $30 and the air pump is supplied free with the ball. If you have an air pump or have provision for air filling, then you can get yoga balls even for $10 to $15.

Supplementary Yoga Equipment

As you advance in your yoga training and depending upon the postures you practice, you may need to buy few other yoga equipment such as blocks, yoga blankets, and straps for enhancing support for your head, neck, arms, and back. You can purchase these items as and when required and when you progress in your yoga journey.

The next useful yoga equipment could be a good book on yoga or a good DVD illustrating all the details and postures and any beginner can make use of them for furthering his/her knowledge before getting enrolled in a yoga class. Even after getting exposed to many yoga postures in the real class, such books or DVDs can assist you for cross-reference and you can get many of your doubts clarified.

Yoga is the only avocation that can bestow you with many benefits with little investment but you should have patience and be able to put forth your concerted efforts.

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