How to Differentiate Between Yoga and Pilates?

At the outset, both Yoga and Pilates involve almost similar set of postures and exhibit similarity in the exercise patterns also. Further, both yoga and pilates aim at strengthening the mind and body of a person.

Though both yoga and pilates are similar, there are subtle and significant differences among them and the experienced practitioners will be able to tell the difference in a more profound way.

The main difference is the time of origin. Yoga has its roots and it may even extend to the mythological times, and one can find a mention about yoga even in Sanskrit language. The word yoga in Sanskrit means union and hence aptly refers to the body-mind-spirit union.

Pilates, on the other hand, originated during the period of World War I time and the person who was responsible to introduce pilates to the world is none other than the Joseph Pilates.

He developed the methods so as to help his injured and paralysed soldiers to regain their mobility back to normal. He used techniques of yoga postures and devised a set of viable postures that can assist persons to regain the lost union between one’s mind and body.

The next major difference between Yoga and Pilates is in the supporting materials used. Yoga postures are mainly performed on mats and no other supportive equipment or accessories are used.

However, elderly people only for the purpose of protecting them from losing balance may sometimes use a small pillow while doing yoga.

In pilates, though postures are done over a mat, many times supporting accessories such as exercise machines are used for getting the required pressure. In yoga the person will get the pressure exerted from his/her own body against the floor.

Benefits of Yoga and Pilates

A major difference one could immediately find between Yoga and Pilates is that Yoga comprises around 200 different postures (asanas) that have been specifically designed to achieve a hormony between mind, body and soul.

Besides the physical forms of exercises, yoga also constitutes meditation and breathing techniques so as to utilise and control the flow of energy for betterment.

Many people still consider yoga as a form of exercise only and only few have understood the true nature of yoga and its capabilities of instilling peace of mind and the tranquil composure in one’s day to day life.

On the other hand, pilates concentrate more on the physical betterment and the main stress is on to strengthen the abdominal muscles, improve one’s posture during walking or sitting or standing positions, and to strengthen the spinal cord.

Pilates is capable of making a person lean and tall and hence it is the much sought after procedure by models, body conscious general public and performing artistes.

To differentiate between yoga and pilates in a simple way, yoga practitioner gets a peace of mind and the pilates practitioner gets a good shape of body. Yoga and Pilates are both considered to be very priceless forms of exercise and one could get his/her mind and body well disciplined.

The approaches are different and hence one cannot say which is superior to other and you can evaluate them based on your own requirement and needs.

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