Impact of Physical fitness and Yoga

There is an established link between your body and your mental attitude and a better mental health will certainly lead to your better physical health. Many of the western psychologists have also analysed and concluded the link between one’s mind and body.

If you have decided to get an understanding yoga in relation to your body and mind, then be rest assured that you have taken the right book in your hands.

Yoga, when practiced in a systematic way will help you in releasing blocked tension and energy from your body, and help your muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, and all other components work to their utmost potential. Nature, or rather the creator, has programmed you to be flexible and agile and expect you to use your potentials optimally.

Stiffness and lack of mobility only arrive when the body is unhealthy or out of alignment. Yoga aims in your getting back your lost agility and other original beneficial aspects for leading a healthy life.

Therefore, a majority of the population have decided to take a class on yoga or started doing yoga on a yoga mat at home in front of a Yoga video or DVD, with the hopes of improving their physical health. If you are not an exception and decided to take up yoga seriously, then keep reading!

Yoga always comes with proven physical benefits, which include:

• Enhanced emotional strength and increased flexibility

• Alleviation of muscle pain and pain in joints

• Better and stronger immune system

• Enhanced lung capacity resulting in higher quality respiration

• Increased metabolism (which can help in weight management!)

• Peaceful and restful sleep (especially due to improved breathing and a more oxygenated body)

You can get the best of your body’s flexibility when you master certain postures of yoga. Mastering certain yoga posture help in lubricating your joints, ligaments and tendons. Yoga neutralises the effect of toxins in your blood and increases the blood circulation, which in turn help in betterment of your health.

Your muscles tend to go flaccid and weak over a period of time and yoga, because of its toning and rejuvenating effects, helps you to get back your healthy muscles. Yoga, though it does have an approach towards your mental capabilities, you can cannot deny or ignore the beneficial effects of yoga on your physical health.

If you aspire for a strain free gardening work or shoveling the snow that has got collected in your driveway or for maintaining your body weight within the desirable limit, then yoga is the viable alternative. Yoga has also not failed in rejuvenating the corporate executives whose life style demands more energy for coping with the stress and busy life.

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