Is Ashtanga Yoga the right practice for you?

K.Pattabhi Jois developed the Ashtanga Yoga. This type of Yoga practice is known as eight limbs Yoga that has revolved Pattanjali's enormous idea. It specifies that the path of purification have eight spiritual practices.

Yama, niyama, Asana and the Pranayama are the first four limbs that represent Ashtanga Yoga. These four limbs are considered to be cleansing practices that are externally correctable.

The other four limbs of Ashtanga Yoga are pratyahara, dhyana, dharana that are the internal practices.In order to correct these limbs, proper application of Ashtanga Yoga is necessary. More over, this kind of yoga method is quite dangerous to the mind.

K.Pattabhi Jois confirmed that practicing the sub-limbs of the external practices (niyama and Yama) is a cumbersome practice. Your body and soul should be strong enough to perform these external practices.

Practicing will never be useful if the body is weak, and the sense organs are not functioning well.The main effect of the Ashtanga yoga practice is that your body will become stronger and healthier. Practice of Ashtanga yoga includes the practice of Vinsaya and Tristhana.

Ashtanga is made distinct from other asanas by the Vinsaya style. Vinsaya represents the movement and breathing that is used for internal cleansing process. Single breath is associated with each movement. You may get extensive amount of sweat, which is an important product of Vinsaya.

When you experience more sweat, you need not to be worried, which indicates the successful practice. The sweat is the product expelled out of your body since the blood gets boiled up to excrete toxins outside the body. The toxins are released along with the sweat.

Ashtanga Yoga possesses three postures. These three postures are classified on different evels.The first posture of the Ashtanga yoga aims at aligning the body and also detoxify it.

The second one is the Intermediate Series- opening and cleaning the energy channels. The second series helps to purify the nervous system. The advanced series from A to D is the last series, which measures the grace and strength.

The Yoga Breathing Technique is being used in the application of Ashtanga Yoga, which is called as Ujjayi breathing. This technique must be prolonged after every practice.

With this technique you have to learn how to hold your pose longer and at the same time to hold your breath. This is an amazing breathing exercise that will increase your internal fire and also strengthens the Nervous System. The Eight-Limb Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga is the only one that can cleanse and sets your mind clear.

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