Know about Yoga Jewelry and its Possible Uses

You may start wondering what the yoga jewelry could be and the possible purposes of it.

Though yoga jewelry is not an essential item in any of the yoga practice, still many people opt for yoga jewelry and use them for the purpose of stimulating or spurring focus and devotion while doing yoga.

Yoga jewelry will cease to be trivial once worn by the person with a positive intention to get undivided focus and many yogis were also seen wearing such yoga jewelry.

Today, more and more jewelry are making its way in yoga practice and yoga jewelry includes items such as chakra necklaces, om yoga jewelry, om namah bangles, om mane padme bangles, chakra jewelry, om mane padme rings, and many others. Yoga jewelry also includes stone studded articles such as birth stone bracelets, stone pendants, stone key rings, etc.

To indicate or represent the primitive sound of “Om”, there are om pendants and they are worn to symbolise and to understand the significance of the universe’s first sound syllable namely the “om”.

While wearing the om pendant the person can fine-tune his thinking process to take him back to the primordial stage and experience the primitive sound.

A yet another yoga jewelry is chakra necklace that is made of seven gemstones so as to represent the seven existing chakras. Each and every stone represent one chakra as follows:

• Garnet represents Mooladhara, the Base Chakra

• Carnelian represents Swadhistana, the Sacral Plexus Chakra

• Gold Topaz represents Manipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra

• Malacite represents Anahata, the Heart Chakra

• Turquoise represents Vishuddhi, the Throat Chakra

• Lapis Lazuli represents Ajna, the Brow chakra

• Amethyst represents Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra

All these chakras are representative points or centres that have been identified by great yogis and considered to be the focal points and driving force for controlling all the known forces within one’s physical and psychological sheaths.

How and Where to Buy Yoga Jewelry?

When it comes to buying yoga jewelry, then there are many places both online and in your neighbourhood that offer varieties of yoga jewelry. One such online shop is the Yoga-ez that offers yoga jewelry and many other yoga clothing and yoga equipment for your regular use.

You can find many other valuable items such as yoga wear, yoga video or DVD, yoga music, other yoga supplies and information on yoga holiday spots.

Any yoga practitioner will be knowing about the Yoga-ez shop due to its popularity and marketing a variety of valuable yoga related products throughout the world.

When you are selecting your yoga jewelry, and when you go for specific chakra or reiki jewelry, then note to get them fixed on a 18 inch chain made out of silver for best combination and results.

You can buy each and every piece of jewelry separately and when it comes to the chakra pendants, the set of seven gemstones comes in a pack with a twisted design necklace along with a pack of seven chakra cards.

You can make use of the set of seven chakra cards for wearing the type of the yoga jewelry for the day – after shuffling the pack, you can just select on of the cards and what ever the card you have picked, you can choose to wear the jewelry that is represented in the card. And this way you can enhance the particular chakra energy within you.

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