Knowing the basics of Yoga

The fundamental principle and other yogic science state that you as a human being are nothing but a fragment of this enormous universe.

If you learn the techniques as how to communicate with this ever expanding and never ending Cosmos, you stand a chance to experience the vastness of Cosmos and merge with it.Your yearning to understand the phenomenon, which happens to be your source, will enable you to walk the true path of happiness.

By allowing you to be carried with the flow, you as an individual will be able to discover truth. And with truth comes realisation; but to attain realisation, your words, thoughts and deeds must be in consonance.

Many people attend courses and workshops for learning yoga afresh and to learn new techniques in yoga, but many yoga teachers including the famous Tim Miller said, “true yoga begins when the aspirants leave the studio”. It’s all about your being vigilant and awake during the sessions all through.

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