Understanding the Evolution of Kriya Yoga

Kriya yoga is the process of purification of your mind with some techniques. This process considers us as smaller version of the whole cosmos. It treats as a microcosm.

Kriya yoga considers that the holy supreme creator is in us hiding in our body. The word "Kri" means any work and "ya" means the soul. Work is done by the power of the soul. This is the meaning of Kriya.

According to Kriya yoga, whatever be the work that we do is controlled by cosmic forces like air, fire, water, and the earth. The work that we do can be anything.The union and interaction of the individual self with the supreme self is the belief of yoga.

The conjoining correspondences between them are yoga. The correspondence could be between microcosms and the macrocosms. It is believed that Kriya yoga has a divine origin and was not created by human means.

Babaji was the person who modernized the Kriya yoga in the 1860s. after that it was passed to a line of masters until it reached the present condition. Self retrospection through breathing controls is the beginning of the process in Kriya Yoga. It is found that there are many different methods adopted in teaching Kriya yoga.

To reach a deepest level of unconsciousness a disciple of Kriya yoga will be using light, vibration, and sound along with breathing techniques, posture and concentration. It is possible to communicate with your inner self or inner god through Kriya yoga.

The steps to achieve this level are to first practice by developing feeble breathing and then freeing the mind and calming the mind. The next step is to extract the bondage the person has with the desires through observation of pulse rhythm and vibrations of the body.You need to understand the triple divine qualities to have a focused mind.

The illusion and delusion that we see are the causes of the phenomenal suffering one has. You need to explore the thoughtlessness and the inner truth. With that you will realize the supreme creator in yourself.

To bring the truth about godhood from within us is the way that Kriya yoga functions. Self realization through breathe control and calmness is the goal of the Kriya yoga. Work is worship and that tasks that you do are from and for the supreme creator.

Beliefs of origin, destiny and evolution are different and they are taught in Kriya yoga. A Kriya yoga disciple believes in direct and immediate spiritual experience. It is taught only through an instructor or teacher.

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