Learning the basics of Yoga

You should know very well about the basics of yoga before learning the same. Do you know that learning the basics of Yoga is the first and foremost step in all Yoga classes?

Most of us question ourselves- what is Yoga? The term Yoga is actually derived from Sanskrit. In Sanskrit Yui means to bind, join, attach and yoke. This also means “union, to direct and concentrate one’s attention on, to use and apply”.

Yoga is originated from India more than 3000 years before. Yoga improves the concentration on your mind and body to bind you to God.

Yoga is about balancing your mind, soul, and emotions, to connect yourself with your Jivatma (Your individual spirit). After getting connected with your Jivatma, you can directly connect to Paramatma (The God).

Yoga is to channel your energy into constructive path. Person who teaches and practices yoga is called Yogi. Most of us think that Yoga means stretching exercise that is performed to keep your soul and mind clean. It is more than that.

There are many types of Yoga. Out of those types, only the important types are dealt below:-

Karma yoga- This focuses on giving of oneself without expecting any reward.

Jnana yoga - It is a philosophical approach to unveiling the illusions of the world.

Bhakti yoga- It is about channeling emotional energy into one's spiritual practice.

Rhaja yoga- It is about focusing on concentration and mind control.

As we know very well that there are different styles of dance, Yoga is also available in different forms. Innovative techniques have been developed day today life by specific teachers to put his or her own stamp on a specific technique.

The popular Yoga techniques practiced nowadays are:

Hatha Yoga - This is a Gentle yoga. In Hatha yoga, the focus is on long stretches and flexibility that is followed by slow, deep breathing (yogic breathing is known as "Pranayama").

The benefit of this type of yoga is that it is very soothing for the mind -- it is the kind of mellow style most people picture when they think of yoga.

Kundalini yoga, works on the premise that the body has eight "chakras". With the use of "breath of fire" (rapid breathing), it is possible for a person to heat up the body from the bottom up, eventually "raisingkundalini". By doing this, a person can achieve a feeling of high enlightenment.

Power yoga, is also known by the Sanskrit term Vinyasa yoga (a "vinyasa" is a series of rapid movements which warm up the body all over). This type of yoga is found to be the very active form of yoga, in which a person is moves quickly through the poses (called "Asanas").

The poses are changed so fast and it is not held for long time as in the other forms of yoga postures. During the practice of Power yoga, it is virtually guaranteed that you will sweat a lot. It is not for the people who are weak and it is a real challenge to the muscles.

You must put your full attitude and spirit to learn yoga. You should remember that this not a gym exercises where you can just stride through when you are already feeling fat. Yoga is much more into the spiritual well being than being into the physical fitness.

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