Learning to do some Yoga moves

You would have read news about the celebrities like Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes and Janet Jackson do the yoga moves. These famous celebrities are working out the yoga moves and their actions are news for the media.

Just because these celebrities do it, you need not do the yoga moves. The reason that you should try the classical yoga moves is simple: It will make you feel active gives you a general overall good feeling.

Personal development of the mind and body is achieved by the ancient system of movements called Yoga. Yoga practitioners viewed it as an all-encompassing lifestyle, emphasizing compassion, non-violence and inner peace.

Various yoga moves and poses are included in the Yoga practice. Yoga moves have been an ideal method for relaxation and body stimulation. The moves in yoga are very gentle yet they have that good results meant for you’re your body and mind. Moreover, performing the yoga moves helps you to stay focused in your work during the day.

Even while you are seated you can do some of the exercises of yoga. Breathing exercises can be done while you are seated. Yoga starts with some basic breathing exercises.

Any pose that is difficult to you can be avoided in yoga. As in other exercises you need not strain your body to do any of the poses in yoga.

Below are some of the easy to do yoga moves:

The Downward- Facing Dog Pose

This yoga move is considered to be the top dog of all poses. This pose starts with hands and knees. Spread your palms out with the pinkies about an inch from each side of your mat. Press your hips up and back. Lower your heels slowly toward the floor. During this pose your body will be in an inverted "V" shape.

Breathe deeply, and concentrate on stretching your heels closer to the ground. Contract your stomach muscles and lift your butt higher toward the sky. Look backward toward your knees and make sure to keep your head in line with your spine. Stay in this position for about 60 seconds.

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