Spiritual healing with Tantra yoga

The popularity of yoga is gaining day by day and more people are doing yoga exercises to train their body, mind, and spirit. The benefits of practicing yoga are many and more people are aware of the benefits and they practice yoga.

There are many types of yoga available. One among them is the Tantra yoga. As with the other types of yoga the important part of the tantra yoga is the integration of the body, mind, and soul.

Tantra yoga teaches that sexuality is important to achieve enlightenment. This is followed and is an ancient tradition in India. It focuses on the spiritual healing and integrating body, mind, and soul.

Energy is the source of life in tantra. In western religions sexual pleasures are not associated with spiritual being. There exists a fine line between sexuality and spirituality.

This is not known to the people in the western religion. With the influence of science they are using sexuality for therapeutic use in the west. In eastern philosophy people enjoy and celebrate this relationship.

Psycho-spiritual exercise in tantra yoga helps to reduce anxiety and awkwardness in sexual activities. Hence the desire to perform is reduced. This improves the relationship with each other.

These exercises are used to develop unconditional love and desire. You also get the satisfaction that you wanted.There are also exercises in tantra yoga to help you perform during those occasions. This helps you to satisfy your lover and to strengthen your relationship.

Meditation and proper breathing exercises with some mantras and chants in tantra yoga help you to achieve the full benefits of the tantra yoga Ways to make foreplay and take it to the highest level are there in tantra yoga.

There are healing massages and gentle strokes available in tantra yoga that help you stimulate your physical and spiritual being. Energy channeling or Reiki can be practiced before the sexual activity is started.

This energy channeling helps to increase your pleasure during the act. Stimulation and healing of physical and spiritual aspects are enhanced with tantra yoga. A deeper state of relaxation and meditation is achieved by couples and partnerships with the constant practice of the tantra yoga.

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