Try Core Power Yoga if you are in need of Power!

Core power yoga is a yoga exercise that connects you to the inner power in you by improving the physical and mental challenges. This yoga heats up your body. a balance is obtained by stimulating the body and the mind.

This serves as a detoxifier for the body and the mind. This power yoga combines strength, sweat and spirituality. By combining these this forms a dynamic and challenging program. The physical power, the mental power and the spiritual power are all recognized through the power yoga.

The physical power is the power of the body, and the mental power is the power of the mind that helps you to concentrate and the last one is the spiritual power the gives you enlightenment.

Core power yoga is the western version of Indian Ashtanga yoga. Beryl Bender who was teaching Ashtanga yoga gave the name core power yoga for that yoga. The power yoga was taken to the west through the follower of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois who was a renowned Sanskrit scholar.

Western Yogis were inspired by his yoga style and philosophies.Power yoga is used to strengthen the abs, back and has many muscle toning moves and postures. Hence it is called the “Core Power”. There are many programs in this yoga that helps you achieve different tasks.

A program called “Unlocking Athletic Power” is used to give strength to the abs, back, hips and the pelvis. The program “Soul of Strength” emphasizes on the mid body and has some challenging moves in that program.

Power yoga is performed in a heated room. Power yoga has many cardiovascular exercises to improve strength, flexibility, stamina, and focus. It also behaves as a detoxifier to remove all the toxin in your body in the form of sweat. The poses in the Power yoga are done faster and some poses need 5 breaths. This increases your concentration.

How is it different from other yoga exercises?

Core power yoga is in Vinyasa style. This focuses on strength, balance, and flow. This helps you to build a strong body, mind, and spirit. Hot yoga, yoga sculpt, boot camps, teacher trainings and mat Pilates are the diverse classes in power yoga.

Power yoga produces strong leaders. The instructors who teach power yoga give personalized attention to their students. They have a sense of belonging. Top facilities and balanced aura is provided for power yoga practice all over the world.

There are many health benefits by doing power yoga. Your muscles are increased in strength and length. It improves your stamina and strengthens the lean muscles. Since your body heat is increased some of the bacteria in your body are destroyed. Your breathing is coordinated and your body, mind and soul are connected.

People who are in the sports can get benefited by performing power yoga. People in sports like, cycling, swimming, skiing, football, running/athlete and surfing can be benefited with power yoga. Power yoga is also as a transition for some aerobics.

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