Try out the Sahaja Yoga, A New Mediation Technique

What do you understand by Sahaja Yoga?

Sahaja yoga though by its virtue a type of yoga, it is actually a unique meditation method that aims in achieving self-realisation.

The sahaja yoga is a part of yoga that works in consonance with Tantra Yoga, and is suitable for all people from all walks of life.

The main aim of sahaja yoga is to set in a transformation in the practicing person’s mind and to make the person a cohesive, integrated, understood and well balanced individual in the society.

One statistics claims that sahaja yoga is the sure way for self-realisation and hence has been followed in almost 90 countries worldwide and by over millions of people.

Sahaja yoga practitioners never discriminate people or other religion and they respect every one in the society as part and parcel of one family living under the big tree called the world.

The moment you start practicing sahaja yoga, you can immediately feel a great relief from your stress and over a period of time peace and contentment will descend on you.

Besides the known mental or psychological benefits, you will also reap better physical capabilities and benefits such as cure from certain illness, better disease coping mechanism and a very good alertness – in total, the sahaja yoga is a sure and steady path for self-realisation and enlightenment.

The sahaja yoga practitioner will be initially made to get rid of all their self-destructive habits such as drug addiction, smoking, liquor consumption, and will be taught to entertain only constructive thoughts and the person will be slowly led to a state wherein he/she can enjoy a perfect health both mind wise and body wise.

The very fundamental aim of the sahaja yoga is to provide the practicing person with a real and dependable means or path for pursuing his/her spiritual journey. The practitioner will be slowly get transformed into a caring and peace loving individual that in turn will get reflected in the society positively.

In this sahaja yoga, the person will be taught to ward off all the negative thoughts and the aim is to make the person to understand the basic principles of life and the need for both internal and external harmony.

Further more, sahaja yoga meditation programs are offered free of charge irrespective of creed, caste and financial position of any person.It is a great news to know that the organisers never accept any donation or any type of funding either from the public or from government.

And the participants are also prohibited from making any type of contributions through out their practicing period and all are treated on the same platform without any discrimination or prejudice.

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