Understanding Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Graham Ledgerwood, who teaches yoga and spiritualism in western society, for more than 30 years, says that Hatha Yoga is known for its vitality and health benefits. Hence, Hatha Yoga is very popular and is being practiced by westerners mostly.

Ha is a Sanskrit word meaning sun, so Hatha Yoga according to Ledgerwood is a -Marvelous tool for exercising, stretching, freeing the body and mind- so as enable you to have a healthy, long-lived mind and soul.

Perfecting the postures in Hatha yoga has two benefits:

1. Meditation

You need to learn and perfect at least one posture in Hatha Yoga so that you can continue the posture comfortably for a long time. The more number of postures you master, the more will be your meditation timing.

2. Achieving Optimum Health through Renewed Body Energy

Hatha yoga re-vitalises all your energy levels, be it your body energy level or soul level energy, thereby helping you to attain a well-balanced mind-body health.

Raja Yoga

Similar to classical yoga, Raja Yoga will be able to show you the royal path to unifying your mind and body. Some of the practitioners have found Raja Yoga to be a tough or difficult one as Raja Yoga envisages enlightenment through direct control and mastery of your mind. If you can concentrate well and enjoy meditation, then you are best suited for Raja yoga. This type or branch of yoga has 8 arms:

* Moral Discipline

* Self Control

* Posture

* Breathing Control

* Sensory Control

* Concentration

* Meditation

* Achieving Bliss

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