Understanding Jnana Yoga and Tantra Yoga

Jnana Yoga

Jnana yoga shows you the path to wisdom. Graham Ledgerwood defines jnana as “A State of Mind Devoid of All Thoughts”. Your mind and soul are all filled with varied delusions and they are treated as reality.

Jnana Yoga aims in transforming you to an enlightened state by removing the emotions and thoughts from your mind. Jnana yoga is one of the four main paths that lead directly to self-realization or self-actualisation (philosophy of Advaita Vedanta).

Jnana Yoga assist you in overcoming the obstacles thrown out by your ignorance and help you to re-discover the real you - that is the God in you. Insight and discernment are the two concepts that are given a high regard in Jnana yoga, where the student or the practitioner identifies himself as separate and stay out from the components of his environment.

'Neti-neti' is considered as an inborn ideal in Jnana Yoga. Literally, it means “not this, not this” and when all the objects that are around you is removed, what’s left is just You and nothing but You.

Tantra Yoga

Most of the people are very curious to know more about the much heard Tantra Yoga. It is a seventh type of yoga in the series. Tantra yoga is considered by some to be the most oriental of all yoga branches.

Tantra Yoga has been mostly misunderstood for consisting exclusively of sexual rituals. It involves more than physical relationship. Tantra Yoga is a path, through which one get self-transcendence through ritual means, one of which is just consecrated sexuality.

Some tantric schools recommend Celibate lifestyle after certain point in one’s life. “Expansion” is the meaning attributed to the word 'Tantra'. A person who practices Tantra yoga reaches out to the Supreme Consciousness by expanding all his levels of consciousness. Tantra yoga aims to awaken the male and female aspects within a person to trigger a spiritual awakening.

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