Understanding Karma Yoga and Bhakthi Yoga

Karma Yoga

Action devoid of selfish motives is Karma Yoga. As the word karma rightly points out the meaning as action - all actions that come from the individual beginning from one’s birth until one meet the inevitable is karma yoga.

Most importantly, karma is the path to doing the right thing selflessly.The crux of Karma Yoga is shedding your ego and serving the fellow mankind with selfless motives.

Karma yoga comes from the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, which is sometimes respectfully referred to as 'The New Testament of Hinduism'.All human beings are nothing but the divine manifestations and karma yoga aims Service to God through Service to fellow mankind.

Bhakthi Yoga

Bhakthi yoga is thus seen as godly love. Love is considered as an attraction force and as per Swami Nikhilananda and Sri Ramakrishna Math, love operates on three levels:

* Material Level

* Human Level

* Spiritual Level

These two yogis, in their own refined and exact words explain love as a creative power and this creative power pushes you to seek the joy of ever lasting bliss or immortality.

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