What do we really mean by Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is one of the famous types of yoga among the other types of yoga available. The hot yoga has got its name since it is characterized by a series of yoga poses which are done in a heated room. The temperature of the room in which you practice hot yoga is preserved at 95-100 degrees. Exercises in hot yoga give off a lot of perspiration during a session because you are trapped in a heated room.

Hot yoga cleanses your body and gets rid of the toxins inside your body and this is one of the greatest advantageous of it. Since is makes your body warm, your body gets more flexible. Accessories like yoga mat and towel are needed while you do hot yoga. Since you will be sweating severely, you should have something to wipe up your sweat frequently. Very thick clothes cause you to sweat more and hence such clothes are avoided during hot yoga.

If you are going to practice hot yoga, you should be ready with your clothing. The clothes you should wear should be appropriate to the type of yoga you are practicing. Wearing shorts during the session of hotyoga is advisable. Wearing of shorts allows your skin to breathe and give off heat. Students are the ones who usually wear shorts. Students are still vigorous and they sweat too much and hence they tend to wear small clothes which are more comfortable during a session of hot yoga. It is advised that you drink a lot of water if you are into hot yoga sessions.

If you are in the hot yoga class, you can also bring along your own bottle of water which can be used to drink anytime you want. By bringing a bottle of water you can prevent dehydration when the skin produces more sweat. If you are planning on a hot yoga session stop having any food at least two hours before the class starts. Since you will be doing heavy exercise it is not advisable to have such foods.

Bikram’s method is such a good yoga style that can be practiced by people who want to become slim. Bikram yoga reduces the fats and cholesterol will be burnt through sweat. Although yoga burns your fats, it is better to retain some fat since you need it. Don’t burn all your fats. Yoga started about 2500 years ago which was founded by Patanjali.

After yoga was found, it was practiced and spread around the world. Can you imagine yourself doing Yoga when you are suffering from illness like Fever where your body temperature is at 105 deg. Fahrenheit? I bet you couldn’t stand that much of heat. If ever you do so you have more exhausted.

At the compassion of the disagreement is Choudhury’s wish to put off anybody teaching yoga in a heated room from calling their class “Bikram Yoga.” He would like to put to one side this “Bikram yoga” title only for his Yoga College of India’s teachers and for those who follow precisely his predetermined process. This has been handled upon because there are a lot of people who imitate his teachings.

Now having understood the difference between hot yoga and other yoga styles you can go for hot yoga if wish to release your sweat and excess toxins. You should remember that all your energy is taken away in doing hot yoga. If you do not want to waste single energy, then hotyoga is not the perfect yoga style for you.

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