Why a Sticky Yoga Mat is the Right Choice for You?

Your decision to start yoga practice can never become a wrong decision at any point of time.

A regular yoga practice can make you stronger and more flexible and helps to you to keep a cool composure all the time. The best part of yoga is that you need not have any big list of equipment but only a sticky yoga mat is the barest minimum required material to start off.

Angela Farmer is the main person and the brain behind the development of sticky yoga mats. In fact the frustration of slipping hands and legs faced by this yoga teacher while doing yoga has made her to invent a non-slippery mat that can help in holding the postures without any slipping or inconvenience.

Initially she started with the carpet and later on developed and patented the present day sticky yoga mat. Following this, many mats came into market and one such mat is the “Tapas Mat” that was manufactured by a company named Hugger Mugger Company.

Today, there are many numbers of sticky yoga mats and the varieties are mind boggling and such mats come in a variety of thickness and hues. When you see the varied designs and colours you will be in fact little confused to make your decision.

To make a right choice you should be well equipped to understand the level of your proposed workouts and the taste preference. In case you plan to take up Ashtanga yoga, which is considered as a high workout yoga, then you may need to go for a sticky yoga mat that is at least half a centimeter in thickness.

If you interested in more cushioning effect then you may go for a still thicker variety.

Useful Tips on Buying a Sticky Yoga Mat

When it come to colours of sticky yoga mats then there is no dearth of colours and you can buy your sticky yoga mat in whatever colour you can think of. Many sticky yoga mats even come with pictures or patterns either painted on imprinted over them.

You can find all this fashionable sticky yoga mats at many of the sports stores, health department stores and even on online stores that deal with yoga related materials.

The cost of single sticky yoga mat may range from $15 to $20 for a very basic mat and around $40 to $50 for advanced and specialised ranges. If you want to shell out a little less then you can look for any auction sales in Internet web sites that may sell either new or used sticky yoga mats.

Many environmentalists are very specific about the materials that go into the making of the sticky yoga mats and such persons are very specific not to use material that may pose a danger to our eco-system.

Material such as PVC is known to cause environmental degradation and hence many people go for sticky yoga mats that are made from natural rubber material and not from PVC material.

Generally Gaiam mats, the eco-Yoga mat, or the Earth Elements mat are considered to be very eco-friendly and they may cost a little more than the normal sticky yoga mats. When you consider the environment friendly nature of such mats, then you may be more willing to pay more for such mats.

The very first step for a successful yoga practice lies in your selecting the right sticky yoga mat for you. You will achieve a major portion of success in your yoga endeavour the moment you choose and buy the right sticky yoga mat for you.

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