Yoga Exercises for Kids

Elders are not only those who are affected by the stress factors, children are also by the stress factors in their homework, games, and competition. They also need to relax daily. For this purpose yoga is the only and the best solution for the kids.

Stress and anxiety in kids are removed by practicing yoga. Apart from that, self control, flexibility and coordination is also achieved through yoga. Hence it is better for the kids to practice yoga.

When the kids practice yoga they can face the day to day activities with ease. Hyper activity in children can be reduced with the proper practice of yoga. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be rectified through proper yoga exercises.

Children can balance the inner souls flow and channel the impulses in a positive way through yoga. Some of the yoga poses like the warrior poses and the tree poses are very useful for the children. These instill confidence in them.

Calmness and balance is also achieved through them.Creating interest in children to do the yoga poses is a task. You have to relate the poses and tell the importance of the poses and relate them to something that they can adore.For example the warrior poses makes them think of themselves as warriors and as strong and confident like warriors.

This would create an interest in them to do that pose. Similarly you have to relate something to each poses to create an interest. Otherwise they will get bored.You can ask the children to do pose as a team.

This develops their team skills when they work with a partner. Some children may have trouble closing their eyes. Such children can be asked to imagine something that they like most.

Visualization of the characters or anything that they like most will make the child relaxed and also help them to concentrate. Listening to music would also help them. Some of the things that you can ask them to visualize are their favorite sports, or playing in beach, or any activity they like etc.

It is also possible for the boys to think of their favorite girlfriend to relax. But some of them are shy to talk about that. So that may not work for all the boys. Better follow the visualization technique to improve focus and relaxation.

Another way to make children relax is to tell them a story and ask them to visualize that as you tell the story. This is called guided imagination. The story you tell should make them relax.

Children tend to think a lot and have lots of diversion; hence a guided visualization would work for them. Walking on a green pasture, walking on the sands of the beach, thinking of butterflies in the garden are some of the themes that can be used for visualization. Such visualization makes them one character in nature.

Yoga can be taught anywhere for the kids. Teaching about the union of mind, body and soul is important. You can make our children get benefited a lot with the regular practice of yoga.

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