Yoga Props - Basics

Yoga props are necessary if you want to get benefited out of yoga. These props help in getting the right alignment, balance and to make the poses easier.

With these the strain to your muscles are avoided and support is gained. A lot of energy is saved. People with medical ailments can do the complex poses with the yoga props.

Not many gears are necessary for performing yoga exercises. A pair of socks or shoes or bare feet is enough to do the exercises. The clothes that are worn during the exercises should be comfort and flexible.

They should not interfere in your exercises. Yoga props are useful to do the poses in a comfortable manner. It gives the body something to bend upon. The basic equipments that are needed for yoga are the Clothes, Mats, Blankets, Blocks and straps.


The clothes that are worn should make you comfortable to do the exercises. Clothes should breathe so that there is good air circulation. Form fitting clothes are not comfortable since they slide down in some of the poses. Exercise pants or shorts are enough. If you wear lycra type pants you may slip in some poses.


Barefoot is enough for yoga. It is not necessary to carry your shoes for the yoga classes.


These give a personal space for you to do the yoga poses. They help you to prevent you from slipping or sliding off when you do some poses. This is more useful when you sweat more.

It also provides the cushioning effect if you are on hard floors. You can either hire the mats are buy one for your own use. Many varieties are available in mats. Some studios have the facility to store your mats. It is better than hiring them.


Yoga classes provide the blankets mostly. They are particularly useful if you need to sit or lie down during the yoga exercises. During the relaxation session you can also wrap your blankets on you if you are cold.


These are used to improve the alignment during the poses. They can be used in standing poses when your hands do not reach the floor.


The hands may not reach each other in some bound poses. Under this condition the straps are useful to hold. They can also be used if you could not reach your foot.

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