Yoga reduces the addictiveness in your life

Yoga is capable of lessening the effects of the addictive ingredient such as tar from tobacco (just to name one, and enables the mind and body to come out of the shackles of dependency of such stimulating ingredients, effectively helping the person to quit smoking altogether.

In the process, the person slowly start to re-discover that smoking doesn’t make him to feel good and recognises that tobacco is not a stimulant at all. The moment the tobacco is identified as non-stimulant, the person will be in position to feel bad at the time of smoking and eventually helps him to quit the habit totally.

This book is not about the ill effects of smoking and doesn’t suggest way and means to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is not easy and it is based on one’s will power. Scientists have proven that there is a true physical addiction that is in place, alongside an emotional addiction that can be just as strong- perhaps even stronger.

The point that is emphasised here is simply to help you understand that yoga can help you in making conscious living choices that promote healthy and happy living. This can include:

• Abstinence from Smoking

• Abstinence from Alcohol

• Healthy Eating Habits

• Getting sound Sleep

• Managing Work Related Stress (and any Stress for that matter)

• Promoting more Congenial and Favourable Relationships

You will be disappointed if you expect all the beneficial changes overnight and yoga doesn’t promise anyone that fast. At the most, yoga can guide you to identify where the mess lies and enable you to take a concerted action to straighten the things. And in the event, you come out successful and will be able to lead a quality and quite life.
Emotional Benefits

Yoga has been known for its ability to eliminate contradicting thoughts and hostile feelings from you. Yoga can help you to come out of your inner resentment and eliminate diabolic emotions from you and can show the doorway or rather the driveway to self-acceptance and self-actualisation.
Real People, Real Benefits

The website provides few live cases that serve as testimonials from real people. Those people are the ordinary people that you meet and talk in your regular walk of life– not mystical Yogis or people hailing from a spiritual school - who have experienced positive results from their yoga experiences.

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