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The interesting part of one’s psychology is that every body has got all the abilities and there is one distinguished ability amongst them, which is the ability to bring forth all other abilities. This interesting phenomenon was also established by westerners like Freud, Jung, Fromm, etc.

The quite rational thinking is that when an individual decides to be happy, something within that person gets activated and a kind of will or awareness emerges from within.

This awareness helps you to identify the hosts of negative thoughts that are surfacing constantly in your mind and you will be in a position to address all those negative thoughts. Devoid of negative thoughts is an illusion.

Contrary to this, you will be in a position to watch the act by detaching you from your thoughts and there by reducing all the stress that has got built in you (because it becomes exposed and thus un fed by the unconscious, unobserving mind!).

In the process, you as an individual begin to reduce your level of internal negativity and the external negative things start their retreat slowly and in a phased manner. Your negative habits such as excessive drinking, emotional over eating, your uncontrolled behaviours that lead to unhappiness and suffering will all take a beating and leave you.

It is an established fact that people, after start practicing yoga, were able to quit smoking totally and get back to their workouts regularly which was otherwise irregular.

Yoga will be the ideal one for all those people who yearn for a meaningful and fulfilling quality life. The century old scientific and rational thought based on cause-effect relationship explain that if a person begin to feel good inside, he will naturally tend to behave in ways that enhance and promote this feeling of inner wellness.

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