Bikram Yoga Studio Gives The Right Ambience To Perform Bikram Yoga

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which has originated from “yuj” or “to yoke” that means the amalgamation of a person’s aathma (soul) and the universal soul that is collectively called the Brahman. Yoga is a major Hindu discipline that aims at training the consciousness level of a person and this ancient system can be traced back to 5,000 years ago.

Bikram Choudhury, the founder of the well known technique called the Bikram Yoga and the initiator of Bikram Yoga Studio started performing Hatha Yoga at an early age of 3 and mastered the systematic technique in a few years. When Bikram turned 17, an unfortunate accident crippled him with an injured knee.

Later Bikram practiced with his former instructor and aright after 6 months of practice he completely retrieved from the injury. Realizing the potential of their technique Bikram’s teacher requested him to set up yoga schools in India and as years passed by he established Bikram Yoga Studio in many parts of the world.

Bikram Yoga v/s Hot Yoga

Bikram yoga is a yoga practice that rejuvenates, restores and brings good health in all those who perform this ancient and effective form of yoga. Bikram Yoga is typically taught by licensed and certified instructors through out the globe. The yoga is a 90-minute séance that has 2 groups of stimulating postures as originally designed by Bikram Choudhury. This helps in methodically promoting good health, rejuvenating all parts of the body like muscles, organs and even the tissues in the practioner’s body.

People often term Bikrams Yoga as Hot Yoga as the yoga exercised in Bikram Yoga Studio is practiced in a controlled-heat setting and the room temperature is often kept set as 105 degrees Celsius. In spite of all these the terms can however not be used as a substitute for each other. Bikram the creator of Bikram Yoga had developed a series of 26 asanas or postures that is generally practiced in a heated room.

Hot Yoga has been originally derived from Hatha yoga carried out in a high room temperature but when we compare the benefits of Hot Yoga with Bikram Yoga then one should understand that they are completely different in nature. Hot Yoga practioners and instructors do not follow the ideology of Bikram Choudhury and are not trained to perform effective Bikram Yoga.

What’s So Special About This Techinique?

When an individual performs Bikram Yoga briskly in the Bikram Yoga Studio with a high room temperature he/she starts to sweat profusely and this way one can get rid of all toxins off their body system. The heat also increases the flexibility of the body muscles as it warms up the body faster than normal that helps the practician to stretch and bend comfortably without the risk of hurting their body tissues and muscles. This technique also helps in allaying high stress levels.

The hot yoga supporters state that the heat improves the ability of ligaments, tendons and muscles. People who practice Bikram Yoga tend to lose weight as their muscles starts toning up and it also facilitates in developing a healthier immune system. A few followers also believe that this technique helps in lowering the symptoms of thyroid dysfunctions, arthritis and many circulatory disorders.

Added Factors

Due to the excessive sweating, people are requested to drink lots of water and restrict the consumption of caffeinated beverages before and after the yoga sessions, to avoid dehydration. In many Bikram Yoga Studio centers the practicians are offered pure spring waters, organic juices and even fresh fruits.

Like in other yoga forms, people perfuming Bikram Yoga in the Bikram Yoga Studio are supposed to keep a check on their yoga outfits, yoga mats and the choice of music that will add to the environmental factor provided in the studio.

The right choice of clothing will help you perform the hot yoga sessions in Bikram Yoga Studio comfortably and effectively. So it is advised to go for light and loose dressing as this will help the body sweat naturally. For those who follow a freethinking physically and spiritually are allowed to take part in nude hot yoga session as this is considered more effective and gives a wholesome experience as long as nudity doesn’t become a distraction.

Yoga is considered one of the most effective forms of physical workout as it does not need any exercising tools unlike many other forms of workouts. Thought yoga mat is considered to be one such additional tool for yoga, without it one may not be very comfortable practicing yoga directly on the floor. It gives the right base and acts like a cushion while practicing other than giving the practician a good support to practice this spiritual and physical workout. Yoga mat is one of the important elements while perfoming Bikram Yoga in the Bikram Yoga Studio heated atmosphere and thus making it crucial to own a yoga mat taking your personal hygienic into consideration.

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