History Of Bikram Yoga And Origin Of Bikram Yoga Posture

Yoga is one of the ancient forms of exercises which rejuvenates and brings oneness of the body and mind. It is practiced since 5000 years and is one of the six classic Hindu philosophy systems. The word yoga originated from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means to yoke and harness the strings of the mind and body together.

This Bikram Yoga as the name denotes was founded by Bikram Choudhury a popular yoga expert. He started his yoga practice from the young age of three and became a champion at the age of eleven. He was the youngest participant in the National Yoga Championship to win the contest.

Bikram Choudhury’s sincere training was constant till he met with an accident at the age of 17. He became disabled due to a weightlifting knee injury. The European doctors after diagnosis and evaluation predicted his walking inability. But due to his willpower and determination, which he had through yoga helped him to be back on his feet with the assistance of his former teacher within six months.

His teacher was amazed by the yoga power and style used by Bikram that he suggested him to launch yoga schools all over India. These yoga schools were so effective in India that he was motivated to start yoga schools in Japan as well. From then on there was no looking back for Bikram as his yoga procedure became a runaway success throughout the globe.

This Bikram yoga consists of 26 postures or asanas and two breathing exercises also called as pranayamas. The focal point of these yoga forms is that they bring about total repair and revive our system making us physically and mentally healthy.

The 26 postures of this Bikram yoga as so planned that they warm and stretch the muscles and other ligaments of our body when worked out at least for two times. The pranayamas improve the oxygen intake and also blood circulation of our body when done regularly due to the stretching of the lungs.

26 Bikram Yoga Posture

This Bikram yoga is trained by expert and skilled teachers in the premises of Bikram yoga centers throughout the globe which lasts for a 90 minute session. The two sets of postures of this yoga motivate and revive health to all the parts of the body slowly but steadily. The regularity, the time period taken to exercise and also the right pattern play an important role in getting the befitting results.

Every posture improves a particular part of the body which is the main advantage of this Bikram yoga. Given below are a few examples stating the number and posture of the yoga:

- Tadasana or the Tree pose which is the 11th pose emphasizes on the thighs and overall posture and also reduces back pain.
- Salabhasana or the Locust pose is the 17th posture which improves the spine, back and chest. It also improves the elasticity of the spine.
- Matsyendrasana or the Spine Twisting pose is the 25th posture that helps in the plasticity of the spine and also has a good impact on the back aches.

Is Hot Yoga Technique And Bikram Yoga Postures One And The Same?

As the postures of Bikram yoga are worked out in a high temperature it is also referred as hot yoga. Hot yoga is often confused as Bikram yoga, which is wrong termed because hot yoga is a type of Hatha yoga which is performed in a hot room. There is a difference both the types of yoga. The Hath yoga teachers are not trained in the methods of Bikram yoga and they do not follow the principles of Bikram yoga.

Although this Bikram yoga is much sought and popular yoga still there is an argument regarding the hot room therapy and its benefits. So Bikram made it compulsory to have a certified instructor to teach this Bikram yoga and to put a check to the teachers who taught yoga in a hot room in the name of Bikram yoga. The case was finally settled when the non certified teachers of Hot Yoga agreed not to use the name of Bikram yoga in their practice. But people still have the belief that all yoga practices are the same and give the same results.

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