Where to Find Bikram Yoga Classes in Chicago?

The best advantage of a bigger city like Chicago is that the city will have many settlers with diversified customs and practices and one can get to know many favourable lifestyles in the same local neighbourhoods.

In Chicago one can find a popular form of yoga by name Bikram yoga and one Mr. Bikram Choudhury was responsible for developing it. You can find many centres in Chicago that offer classes on Bikram yoga and you can even search local dailies and in the Internet to find out the near by classes that offer Bikram yoga training.

Bikram Yoga and its Conventional Approach

Many urban young professionals including the free roaming yuppies always count on new and trendy things and that is the reason for the Bikram yoga finding a firm liking in the minds of those people in Chicago and they are after the classes that are conducted to teach Bikram yoga in the Chicago neighbourhoods.

One can find Bikram yoga classes conducted in popular areas such as Wicker Park and Lincoln Park. Further the aspirants can also visit the web site www.bycic.com for knowing more about the Bikram yoga and its schedule of classes. Besides the yoga classes, if time and mind permits, one can learn techniques of massage and acupuncture procedures and you can have them all at Wicker Park is 1344 N Milwaukee and the Lincoln Park address is 2736-A N Clark.

The next popular area where you can find classes on Bikram yoga is Chicago Ave, which lies very close to the downtown area that is popular for the city’s art galleries. This easily approachable area from the CTA’s Brown Line Chicago stop has become another hotspot for the young, creative, and energetic professionals for learning Bikram yoga.

The popularity has even made the city to boast as the “Chicago’s original Bikram yoga studio”. It is located exactly at 219 W Chicago Ave, sixth floor, and the studio has earned the coveted accolade of “Best yoga Studio” in 2006 sponsored by www.citysearch.com.

The studio is centrally located and has got many locational advantages and many people find it easy to reach the studio on their way back home from their busy office schedules. You can also get more information if you can visit the web site www.bikramcitychicago.com and you can even get to know the rates and other special discounts available for the beginners and students.

Further, on the Brown line near the Addison and Irwing stop northwards of the downtown Ravenswood area, you can find a yet another studio by name Om on the Range yoga Studio that offers the popular Power yoga besides the Bikram yoga.

You can also find many addresses of studios that offer classes on Bikram yoga if you surf the Internet and other web sites. Alternatively, you can also look for such details of classes and instructors from the local daily newspaper such as Chicago Reader.

Bikram yoga has seen its growth steadily despite the raging controversy about the founder and the copyright violations and you need not bother about all these things if you set your mind to reap only the benefits of the Bikram yoga.

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