Tips To Get The Best Yoga Mat

Do you have any plans to join a yoga class and make the best of this ancient technique? If yes, then this is the right time to look for the best yoga mat in the market. Remember, a yoga mat is going to be there with you till you keep practicing yoga.

This is why it is necessary to go for the best yoga mat that will withstand for a longer duration. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best quality yoga mat for your yoga practice.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mats

With a lot of campaign to save environment, people around the globe are becoming aware of their duties towards Mother Nature. To show your gratitude to Mother Nature and save her from getting contaminated, you can opt for eco friendly yoga mats. However, you need to test the authenticity of the mat you will have to check whether the yoga mat is biodegradable, i.e., you can dispose the mat when it becomes obsolete and it will slowly decompose and become one with the soil. Always keep in mind that only eco friendly mats are considered the best yoga mats.

Wrinkle-free Yoga Mats

The next thing you will have to check before you purchase a yoga mat is its flexibility. Simply roll up the mat and then unfold it on the floor. Check for curls or wrinkles on the edge and in the folded area. If you find such curls and wrinkles then it is not the best yoga mat because it will not give you a leveled base to perform yoga. Make a note that the best yoga mat is the one which gives a comfortable and flat base even after being kept folded for a long time.

Sticky But Non-sticky

Make sure you check for the stickiness of the yoga mat. One of the top features of the best yoga mat is that it should be sticky enough such that it holds your palms and feet instead of being too slippery. To check for the stickiness of the mat, stand on the mat barefooted for a while. Press down the mat with both your feet and sense the texture of the mat. Wait for a few seconds and then lift one of your feet off the mat. If the mat sticks to the feet well then it is not the best mat for yoga purpose. The best yoga mat should be sticky enough to hold you steady but not very sticky that it sticks to your skin!

Good Grip Makes Good Yoga Mats

Most people performing yoga tend to sweat profusely because of the detoxification process happening inside the body. So your palms and feet are for sure going to get moist while you exercise, making it a slippery experience. So it makes it essential that your yoga mat gives you the right grip and support even when you are sweating. Another major feature of the best yoga mat is that it gives you good adhesive friction so that you complete your yoga session comfortably.

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