Travel Yoga Mat When You Are On The Move

Do you often travel to different places around the country? If your job profile demands traveling within the country and also overseas and you practice yoga everyday, then you can always look for a travel yoga mat which suits your lifestyle.

Once you start carrying a travel yoga mat, you can make yoga a part of your life even while traveling. Here are a few tips to help you find the finest travel yoga mat for your convenience.

3 Simple Tests To Find The Finest Travel Yoga Mat

The fact that you have to travel often should not put your yoga schedule off your routine and so it is best to look for a portable travel yoga mat that is not only light but is also comfortable to carry with. The mat should be such that it is rolled and stuffed into the traveling bag. If you are looking for such traveling yoga mats then you can go to your nearest store and also look for various kinds of travel yoga mats available.

Make sure you thoroughly examine the travel yoga mats prior to buying the mat. First of all, simply even out the mat and see if it rests even on the floor. This check is necessary because a few of these yoga mats tend to develop folds after it is rolled and stored in the travel kit after which it will never lay flat on the floor! This will not only make your yoga session uncomfortable but also finally result in replacing it in a short duration.

Other than this test you will also have to check on the quality of the travel yoga mat. Level the yoga mat on the floor and then stand on the mat. Check if the mat gives you the precise grip to comfortably stand on it. Tilt your body to one side and check if the mat is able to take your weight without budging.

Next, moist your hands or feet and then stand over the mat to check if the mat is able to bear your weight and you get the right grip even when your palms and feet are wet. This test has to be performed because people often sweat profusely during a yoga session and even in such situations the yoga mat should provide you with grip and comfort. Do not purchase mats that are very sticky because the mat will tend to stick to your skin and you will not be able to perform yoga poses and exercise with ease. Make sure you perform these simple tests before you go for the finest travel yoga mat.

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