Using Yoga Mats and Towels

Yoga Mats

Let us start with the popular yoga mat first. There are so many varieties of such mats in market today. A good and decent mat should have a firm grip on the floor and should never move when you perform or do the various postures.

There may be few cheap yoga mats which when used will not give a stable ambience and it is better to avoid them.Good and typical yoga mats measure 2 feet by 2 feet in size.

They are also available in a variety of eye-catching colours and with varied thickness. Yoga mats also come in various grades to suit your level of proficiency in yoga.

Many yoga stores also provide you mats with good cushioning effect for that required supple feeling while doing yoga. Yoga mats are also available for children and the beginners alike.

Yoga Towel

You should not ignore or forget your yoga towel. There are also skidless towels and many manufacturers make soft and high absorbent ones, which are called as 'chakra colors' by certain retailers.

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