How to Get the Best out of Yoga Exercise?

Based on your capabilities, limitations, physical abilities and fitness level, if you want to have a perfect workout programme than it can happen only through trial and error method.

The only available straightforward method is the yoga exercise that can satisfy the needs of all people including the beginners, seasoned fitness experts, and even the fittest people.

Further, yoga does not limit its advantages at physical level alone, but extends its beneficial aspects even at mental and spiritual levels and assist you to lead a very satisfied and contended life.

When it comes to yoga exercise many people still direct their thought towards Hatha yoga only. Yoga in general aims at an overall development of body, mind, and spirit and the popular Hatha yoga with the aid of few breathing exercises and a set of postures aims at inculcating a better living among the individuals.

Yoga postures or asanas range from slow to swift asanas and from gentle to taxing or strenuous postures. Reclining or relaxation postures are considered as gentle where as postures such as standing upside down or Halasana are considered tough.

Persons who are new to yoga exercise may find it difficult to hold to certain postures and they can consider taking up Iyengar yoga initially until they get well versed with few basic asanas.

The main purpose of different postures is to release the tension from muscles, to increase your strength and at the same time to increase your flexibility.

Yoga exercise also sets in a relaxation cycle within your body and prepares you to meet the challenges that lie ahead during the later part of the day. Yoga postures such as Hatha yoga will not result in increase of your heart rate and hence in general the yoga exercise cannot be compared to any of the aerobic exercises or cardiovascular workouts.

When to take up Yoga Exercise?

There may be a necessity where in your doctor might have prescribed aerobic exercises based on his diagnosis and your body condition, and in such case yoga exercise is not for you.

You can take up brisk walking that may increase the heart rate and be able to burn more calories. Further you can also join any one of the health clubs that offer aerobic exercises and start making it a part and parcel of your life.

Due to certain circumstances you may be requiring both the aerobic exercise schedules and yoga exercise together. In such case there is no reason that can stop you from taking both at the same time.

Many of the yoga exercise are done after many hours of taking food and hence it is advised to do yoga exercise in the morning before you could take any meal or breakfast and in the evening you can take up aerobic and other cardiovascular exercises.

Slowly and steadily you can shift your mild yoga exercise to a more virulent form. One of the very high energy consuming form of yoga is the Ashtanga yoga, and it is also known as Power yoga.

This particular type of yoga aims at increasing the coping strategies, strength and the endurance level. Unlike in Hatha yoga where the various postures are slow and less taxing, the yoga exercise in Ashtanga yoga is more strenuous and is considered suitable for athletes for their stamina building.

In yoga exercise there are many levels of intensity and you can make use of all such levels for betterment of both of your mind and body health.

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