Is Ashtanga Yoga Different From Power Yoga

Majority of the population thinks Ashtanga and power yoga to be the same but they are not aware of the fact that there are a few differences that separates them as two different forms of yoga. Even though Ashtanga yoga is also known as power yoga, the latter simply implies the practice of exercising while Ashtanga yoga is popular for its rigorous and conventional methods.

What’s Similar And What’s Not

Ashtanga yoga comprises of 6 unique strings of postures that has to be done one after the other. This sequential way of exercising helps in building more strength, flexibility and promoting spiritual growth as well. The best part of this form of yoga is that it can be performed at one’s one velocity and stamina. Though Ashtanga and power yoga are analogous, power yoga is more popular with the Western countries as they look out for more energy driven exercises and a good fitness regime that need not promote spiritual developments.

Nevertheless, both, Ashtanga yoga and power yoga helps the practioners develop better flexibility and vigor just like what other forms of yoga promote. Power yoga is an altered form of yoga that actually promotes the need of exercising than following principles like the Ashtanga yoga. The exercises and postures depend on the instructors’ beliefs and knowledge. Besides, each and every power yoga instructor has his/her own set of procedures and methods to teach their disciples where as Ashtanga yoga instructors have to abide by the principles as set by its founder.

People who have a good physique or are athlete built are the best one’s who can try both the types of yoga - Ashtanga yoga as well as power yoga. The only disparity between the two is that people who have lower stamina can benefit from Ashtanga yoga where as it is not possible with power yoga.

The next significant difference is that Ashtanga yoga postures have to be performed in a sequential order and on the other hand there is no strict sequence followed when it comes to performing power yoga. While performing Ashtanga yoga practioners often realize the spiritual improvement and tend to be more spiritually inclined but one experiences no such benefits after a power yoga session.

The growing popularity of Ashtanga yoga is inspiring many yoga aspirants to learn this specialized yoga form and then later get a degree in it so that they can further teach this ancient yoga practice to others. If you wish to become a Ashtanga yoga instructor then you will have to get hold of Ashtanga yoga certification that can be acquire by enrolling into Ashtanga yoga conducted in Mysore, India. Do you know Mysore is home land of Ashtanga yoga where the founder originated this yogic practice? Well, if you live in the western parts of the globe there are many institutes dedicated to Ashtanga yoga from which you can get your certification done.

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