What Is Ashtanga Yoga

The word Ashtanga has been derived from Sanskrit and signifies the eight limbs. Here, in yoga Patanjali illuminates the word Ashtanga to the eight limbs used in Yoga Sutras.

Even ancient texts and manuscripts like the Yoga Korunta have the name Ashtanga Yoga mentioned in them. These old documents actually have a been written to explain the exclusive yoga system called the Hatha Yoga which was first found and practiced by Vamana Rishi. Ashtanga Yoga comprises of 6 distinct poses and starts off with the most basic form and finishes with a complex form. This is why all the students practicing Ashtanga Yoga start from the fundamental steps and then slowly progress to the complicated process.

Taking Your Own Time

Actually, Ashtanga Yoga insists that every student should learn the process in their own rate of knots. One may have to even perform Vinyasa flow everyday along with some breathing techniques like the Ujaayi. Uddiyana Bandha, Mula Bandha and Dhristi are a few other yoga processes that can be practiced along with Ashtanga Yoga to make the exercise more beneficial.

Although the yoga jargons may sound ‘Greek and Latin’ for a common man, but the countless benefits of performing Ashtanga Yoga is imparted to all equally, even to those who don’t know anything about yoga. Some of the many significant benefits comprise of removing toxic contents from the body, realigning of the spine, strengthening of the mental and physical body, enhancing stamina and also making the body muscles supple and flexible. When Ashtanga Yoga is performed regularly it helps improve the functioning of our nervous system when performed regularly.

However, one will have to study and pass three individual levels of Ashtanga Yoga. The first level is where you will have to work through a number of aasanas which is also called the main series. The main objective of this series is to realign the body system and functions and also to detoxify the complete human system. The next level provides with another series of exercises which aids in purification and channelization of energy points that exists inside our physical body. The series also helps in replenishing the nervous system.

The third and the last series consists of the most sophisticated yoga methods which when performed complements the energy, strength and gives a refined touch to the practician’s body. Ashtanga Yoga is gaining popularity day by day in the US as well as in other countries because of its high energy giving yoga. Moreover, it is also considered very energetic due to which this yoga form can regulate a disorganized lifestyle and thus helping people from all walks of life.

If you are one of those who wish to perform Ashtanga Yoga but can dedicate only little time at home, there are these Ashtanga yoga DVDs available in the market through which you understand this form of yoga. Well, if you are still hesitant to perform Ashtanga Yoga in a group or in Ashtanga Yoga classes then you can always opt for these training DVDs and perform the series with complete privacy and tranquility available at your home.

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