Learn Yoga With Ashtanga Yoga DVD At Your Convenience

Ashtanga Yoga’s popularity is driving more people to perform this kind of yoga. But one of the most frequently asked question is whether they can learn this interesting form of yoga with the help of Ashtanga Yoga DVDs instead of the time taking yoga sessions.

Many link Ashtanga Yoga training to the long sessions one has to spend in a Yoga school or classes! But, the good news for those who can spend only a part of their precious time is that Ashtanga Yoga DVD are as good as taking yoga classes and has been proved effective by many satisfied users. Ashtanga Yoga DVD is a great option even for those who like to perform exercises behind the safe doors of their house.

Which Ashtanga Yoga DVDs To Get?

John Scott is one of the pioneers in developing effective Ashtanga Yoga DVDs for all types of people. The DVD session helps novices to learn the foundation aasanas of Ashtanga Vinyasa where John Scott himself demonstrates the procedures. John Scott is considered one of the best masters of yoga in the UK and this master also has been accredited by the famous Sri Patthabi Jois to teach this ancient practice called yoga.

Another great alternative is the Primary Series of Lino Miele Ashtanga Yoga DVD. Even though the DVD training is completely in Latin but is supported by English sub-titles so that people through out the world benefit from the DVD training. The Ashtanga Yoga School of Rome is the maker of this 80 minutes DVD session. During these 80 minutes the DVD explains the step by step process of Ashtanga Yoga as written in the Ashtanga Yoga books. Do you know these books were actually written by the Italian Yoga master Lino Miele who had also learnt this ancient practice from Sri K. Patthabi Jois.

Another stupendous Ashtanga Yoga DVD is the Ashtanga Yoga Workshop by Manju Jois which has instructions in English. In this 90 minutes DVD, Manju Jois showcases all the series of Ashtanga Yoga. Manju Jois is the eldest son of Sri K. Patthabi Jois’s and so you can be sure that you are being taught the right thing about yoga. The good thing about the whole package is that Manju Jois has been teaching for years and has practically trained people from all parts of the globe.

The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop imparts step by step procedures of the Primary Series and the Yoga traditions in its true form and you get the best chance to learn this traditional form from the most dependable Yoga masters.

Even though you have Ashtanga Yoga DVDs for your help, if you are planning to study Ashtanga Yoga from a reputed Ashtanga Yoga foundation then there are many good alternatives available. The Forum Shopping Center in Carlsbad of California is one such center where you can learn this ancient practice from the first American yoga master who was directly enunciated the master by Sri Patthabi Jois himself.

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