The Right Ashtanga Yoga Posture Gives More Benefits

Ashtanga yoga also known as the power yoga is the most advanced form of yoga and is considered to be one of the most challenging types of yoga. This is the main reason why this type of yoga is helpful to sportspersons and people who have the urge to learn an advanced level of fitness exercises also try Ashtanga Yoga.

Without any doubt, one can say that Ashtanga yoga helps in strengthening the body muscles and making them flexible at the same time. However, one can make the exercise regime most beneficial by doing the ashtanga yoga postures in the right manner.

Tips To Perform Ashtanga Yoga Posture Correctly

To is very important to perform warm-up exercises before you start with any Ashtanga yoga pose as this can help you increase your body flexibility to perform the Ashtanga yoga postures correctly. You can simply start with gentle cardio exercises for about 10 minutes or so which will boost your body muscles and regulate blood circulation. After you complete your warm-ups you will feel your body filled with energy and then you can start performing Ashtanga yoga postures suitably.

To get your ashtanga yoga posture right you should be attentive. So, each time you are ready to work on ashtanga yoga posture concentrate on a fixed object right in front of you and then start with the various postures.

Make sure you keep your mind on the instructions being told by the instructor or the DVD while practicing Ashtanga yoga postures. Also notice how your co-practitioners are carrying out the posture if you feel that you are not able to understand the instructions or when you feel you are not doing the Ashtanga yoga posture correctly. Better avoid performing a drooping Ashtanga yoga posture than getting your muscles twisted with improper posturing.

Another major thing you should always bear in mind is to keep your spine straight like a yard stick. To get the right Ashtanga yoga posture make sure you blend a few postures together while maintaining the plank pose. This will help you put off any injury or temporary sprain.

Initially, when you start your yoga sessions you may get distracted quite often and so you should consciously begin to concentrate on the Ashtanga yoga posture you are performing. Never ever try to perform Ashtanga yoga postures without the help of a yoga instructor; probably you can try them yourself after you have crossed the beginner’s level.

However, you should also understand that there are many variations between Ashtanga and Power yoga. Ashtanga yoga concentrates more on the systematic way of performing the postures but on the other hand power yoga mainly aims at performing exercises. Even though the names are interchangeably used they are quite different and only a certified and experienced yoga master will be able to tell you the right differences.

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