Beginner Yoga Poses Form A Strong Foundation

If you are planning ot take up yoga classes or learn yoga with the help of DVDs, you can first try some of the beginner yoga poses to get used to the form of workouts.

If you are one of those who don’t have much knowledge about yoga and the beginner yoga poses then it is advised that you o a little research in the field before you start with your regular yoga practice. This way you will not only gain valuable knowledge on the subject, you will also start developing interest in performing yoga keeping in mind the benefits you will be gaining in a few weeks time.

Beginner Yoga Poses Helps The Body Stay Flexible

Though there are various forms of yoga, to start with beginners can try Hatha or Vinyasa yoga for better comprehension of the workout. Hatha yoga has numerous beginner yoga poses that are performed in a very slow pace. On the other hand, Vinyasa (which means the harmonized breathing) involves a lot of vigorous postures and movements that link to other postures one after the other and at the same time you will have to also perform the breathing technique.

Hatha and Vinyasa forms of yoga are considered the most basic form of yoga postures and so there are plenty of sources to find information about these techniques. You can browse the internet, search for books and even videos to fins more about beginner yoga poses. Later you can start your other intermediate and advanced yoga forms depending on your interest and personality type.

Even if you prefer starting the yoga session with a breathing exercise or a simple meditation, warm ups are considered the best way to gear up for the strenuous workouts. Warm-ups increase the body and muscles flexibility and also help in maintaining a good blood circulation. Eye training, neck exercises, shoulder lifts, shoulder stretches and the Cat Pose are some of the common warm ups.

Once you are done with your warm up exercises you can get started with various yoga poses and stretches, but make sure you don’t overdo any exercise and perform each and every workout at your own pace. Since you are in the beginner level, you should concentrate on how to perform the beginner yoga poses precisely as these are the building blocks in the yoga journey. Beginner yoga poses improves your stamina and enhances the flexibility of the body muscles.

Beginner yoga poses typically consists of standing, sitting, supine, basic backbends and balancing poses. A few of these beginner yoga poses are also called the restorative yoga poses as they help the body restore the lost energy and also puts the entire body at ease. Mountain Pose, Pyramid Pose and Raised Hands Pose are the most common standing yoga poses and Easy Pose, Hero Pose and Cobbler’s Pose are the commonly practiced sitting postures.

Make sure you end each and every yoga session with a short relaxation technique or the resting pose. This way you tell your body that you have completed your workouts for the day and that it can start its normal processes again. As you master beginner yoga poses your body will be able to accept other levels of yoga quickly and with no difficulty.

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