What Are The Restorative Yoga Poses

Restorative yoga poses are yoga postures that provide with healing goodness to the person practicing the poses. While performing these poses one should be in a relaxed state of mind and body. The restorative yoga poses are generally performed with the help supports to help the body flex into the posture easily and help maintain the relaxed state.

Why Perform Restorative Yoga Poses?

The restorative yoga poses aims at relaxation of the body with peaceful and soothing postures. This way the body gets a chance to restore lost energy, repair damages tissues and replenishing the physical and mental body with more strength. Restorative yoga poses energize the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) that helps lower symptoms of palpitation, fluctuation blood pressure and at the same time enhance the functioning of the immune system.

Since the restorative yoga poses stimulate the body and cleanse the mind it can be practiced at any point of the day. You can perform these relaxing poses before going to bed as this will improve the blood circulation that will help you get a sound sleep. Be it in the morning or at night practicing restorative yoga poses will keep you vitalized during the day and also promote good sleep at night time. However, you should stay empty stomach while practicing these relaxing poses and dress up in loose or stretchable clothing to perform postures comfortably.

Simple Supported Backbend, Legs Up the Wall, Supported Forward Fold and Downward Facing Supported Hero poses are the most popular poses of all the restorative yoga poses. The Simple Supported Backbend pose stretches the lower and middle back and releases stress from the chest and shoulder areas. You will have to use a bolster to prop up the middle back and also place an eye-bag on your eyes.

The Legs Up the Wall pose also known as the Viparita Karani is an easy form of inverted position that can be practiced by individuals with high blood pressure and by women during their menstrual cycle. You can support your hip and lower back with a bolster and also place eye bags on the eyes if you wish to hold the posture for a longer time.

The Supported Forward Fold or the Paschimottanasana is performed to reduce lower back problems and tighten hamstrings. You can use a bolster or a rolled up blanket under the knees to bend then easily and use a pillow below the legs or thighs to rest your body comfortably while holding the posture.

Lastly, the Downward Facing Supported Hero pose or the Supported Child’s pose is best for those who experience frequent fatigue, headaches, hypertension, neck problems and indigestion. You will need a couple of bolsters or pillows to support your body at the right place.Try practicing these simple restorative yoga poses and feel the difference.

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