Yoga Basic Poses For Beginners

Once you have joined yoga classes you can start with all the basics of yoga. It is better not to try all the advanced poses however alluring they may be as not only they are difficult to perform you may end up harming yourself.

Yoga is best learnt when it is done slowly and steadily. As yoga is not a action packed sport one should remember that it should practiced according to one’s capability. It is best when done under the vigilance of an expert teacher who can teach the correct postures. In addition these exercises can be done at home with the help of good books and yoga DVD.

Most Popular Yoga Basic Poses

The Mountain pose, cat pose, dog pose, sit/easy pose, and downward dog pose are the few basic and important yoga postures to start with. The sit/easy pose helps you to concentrate on your body. This can be done very easily by sitting crossed legs and taking deep breaths. The arms can be put up in the air while doing this exercise to get a better flexibility.

The cat and dog postures bring about a good stretch to the spine. Put your hands and knees down and form an arch aiming the ceiling. Now reverse the bend on the spine.

The mountain posture enhances the body posture and stability. Stand with your feet together and put the hands on the sides. Hold this pose along with good breathing. This is the mountain pose.

This downward dog posture in yoga makes you more strong and flexible and is one of the most common exercises in yoga. It gives a good elasticity to your spine and the tendons of your knee. To get into this posture one should bend down on his knees and hands on the floor in such a manner that the things and hand position are parallel to each other. Now slowly lift your buttocks and stand on your feet. It is always better to practice these postures under the vigilance of a yoga teacher.

When you start doing these yoga exercises regularly see to it that you maintain the series. These exercises done in series help to get the proper them done in proper order and also regularize the breathing of the person. By following the guidelines properly one can revive oneself emotionally and physically. Never force a difficult posture on yourself which may do more harm than good. The basic exercises itself when practiced regularly will help you to get good vigor and health.

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