Best Yoga Poses For Kids Development

Generally people feel that yoga is only for adults and not for kids as it involves deep breathing and meditation. But it is not true. There are many yoga exercises which a kid can do. It will not only be fun for your child but also a great strain reliever in this competitive world.

Whenever you child feels tired of his/her school work or feels let down a good yoga can revive his/her spirits. Kids like yoga because it has exercises with creativity and fun. Some postures in yoga are done with fun like the wheel pose, tree post and cat pose. When you stand in one leg and the other foot on the inside of the leg and raise your hands in open air and concentrating on a certain point, you are doing a tree posture.

Similarly when an arch is posed along with the hands and the knees on the floor you are doing a cat pose. As kids like to imitate animals they do such exercises with fun and ease. In the wheel posture there is a back bend which is more easily done by kids than the elders as they tend to be more elastic.

The Best Time To Practice Yoga With Your Child

Yoga can be done anytime with your kids but the best time to do yoga is early in the morning as it revives and sustains your energy for the entire day. In today’s competitive world life is as stressful and strenuous like the elders for the kids. So some yoga exercise in between can help to increase the spirits of your child for the day. Parents have a feeling that children cannot do yoga as they think it is dull and uninteresting for their kids. But this is not true. Children just enjoy and adore yoga and just wait for a chance to do it. Some more animal postures that can be done through yoga are like the cobra, the lion and the down dog.

When the child lies down putting his/her hands by his chest and pushes his body upwardly then he is doing the cobra posture. He can also mimic like a snake by hissing. Similarly, in the down dog posture the child stands on his feet, bends his waist till his hands touches the ground leaning the back of his body and barking like a dog. In the same way when the kid sits on his legs with the knees bent and puts his tongue out with a roar it becomes a lion posture in yoga.

A parent can induce such funny postures of yoga in their children regularly to keep them fit. The child will enjoy such exercises and at the same time lighten up his spirits. These yoga exercises can keep your child mentally and physically strong. Teach him to do yoga whenever his spirits are dampened so that he/she can revive their mood back again.

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