Yoga Pose Sequences For Beginners

Are you planning for a daily exercise regime, then, trying yoga might be a good choice. You just nee a yoga mat, towel and 30 minutes in hand to start yoga.

You don’t have to worry about equipments and space as yoga doesn’t need any special gears and a large space to practice. You will have to perform the yoga pose sequence to make the maximum benefit of this spiritually enlightening yoga practice.

Practicing Yoga Poses One After The Other

Get started with yoga right away! Even though an instructor led yoga session is more beneficial, you always try basic yoga poses yourself at home. There are lots of articles available on the internet, books on yoga and of course many yoga training videos and DVDs from which you can start your yoga practice. Learn the different types of yoga and its poses and then follow the yoga pose sequence. You are supposed to perform the yoga pose sequence in the manner suggested as each of these poses are meant for toning certain part of the body and if not done in the prescribed sequence may prove to be harmful for the muscles.

Practice the poses one by one and take your own time to learn them. A controlled way of practicing these yoga pose sequences will help you be in charge of your body and soul. But, make sure you don’t force yourself into practicing yoga poses sequences that is beyond your potential. When you start feeling uneasy or are unable to perform a pose, put your body at ease ant try again in a slow pace.

Remember, while performing yoga pose sequences what is important is the preciseness of the pose and the transition form one pose to another. Every yoga posture involves grace, be it forming a pose, retaining it for some restricted time or slowly dissolving the posture to form the next in the sequence.

Once you are ready to start yoga, you should start the session with warm-up poses that will limber up all the body parts especially the vital parts like the spine, hip, lower back and the groin. To start with, beginners can set their yoga sessions with warm-up poses alone for a few days and then slowly switch to the main yoga pose sequences.

A beginner level yoga pose sequence will include standing poses, sitting poses, twists, supine and prone poses, inverted and balance poses, backbends and finishing poses. You just can skip a set of postures as each and every pose has its own benefits and also helps in practicing higher levels of yoga pose sequences. Poses performed in the standing position, like the Mountain Pose also known as Tadasana, forms the basic of all yoga postures and helps in building stamina and promotes greater flexibility.

When you practice this Mountain Pose you tend to improve your potency and pliability as you will have to stay calm and relaxed while retaining this posture. This basic standing posture of Tadasana helps in strengthen thighs and relieves back ache problems and because of its characteristics it forms as a base for many other yoga postures and yoga pose sequences.

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