Yoga Poses for flexibility and strength

There are lots of poses available in yoga and any person who comes across these postures will wonder whether they are still used in practice. Yes, they are. Each of the poses is designed to improve a person’s flexibility and strength. Some of the poses that are given here would reinforce that notion.

Standing Poses

This is one of the important poses in yoga. With this pose the body is aligned to your feet. This improves and maintains a good posture. The backbones are stretched and straightened with this pose. Elasticity in legs and the strength in legs are improved with the standing pose.

Seated poses

Seated poses improve the flexibility in the lower back and the hips. They strengthen the back. The knees, groin, and the ankle get the suppleness they need with this pose. The seated pose also helps you in your breathing. Breathing is responsible for the calmness and peace of mind.

Forward bends

Your hamstrings are stretched and the lower back strengthened with the forward bends. Reduction of tension and increase in flexibility in the neck, shoulder, back and the spine is the result of the forward bends. You get the calmness you need with this forward bend. Some injuries can be fixed with the forward bend. Using a strap or a block in this pose is helpful for the beginners.

Back Bends

Chest, rib cage and the hips find the use with the back bends. It strengthens your arms and shoulders while increasing the flexibility. Tension built up in the front body is relieved with the back bends. The spine also gets benefited out of this pose. This is one of the reason for the popularity of the back bend.


Balances are the challenging poses in yoga. The fun in these poses helps to enlighten your soul and spirit. Posture is improved in balancing. It keeps you from falling over. Ability to focus is improved in the balances.

You need concentration to do these balancing poses. Balance with twist releases the tension in your body. The tension in the spine is also released with this. Twists are not easy to get with balancing.

Twisting on both sides of the body is essential to get balance and alignment.Concentration is the main key if you want to be successful in yoga.

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