Yoga Poses Galleries on the internet - A Review

With the advent of the internet technologies there are numerous sources on the internet that gives you information on yoga. There are so many sources that you find it difficult to find the right one that may suit you.

These sites provide you with instructions to follow to do a yoga posture. It is difficult to follow the instructions given. Some of the galleries that might be useful to you are compiled here to give you a kick start if you want to locate information on yoga on the internet.


This website is a good resource for yoga galleries. This site has workshops that can be used by employees of any company so that the productivity of the company is increased. Mental and physical being is given importance. Optimal workforce performance is also insisted by these websites.

They also give poses that will remove the stress and tension in your body. the stress level that are talked about in the site could be at the physical level or mental level. Both the levels are treated with the poses in these sites.


Introduction to yoga practice is done in this site. The hatha yoga which is the common yoga type that is followed by many is dealt with in this site. Classes are conducted in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Many yoga products are also sold in this site. Photos to clarify the poses are also available in the site for reference and download. Information about sunrise yoga (hatha yoga) is provided in this site. Nasal cleaning information (Neti Pot) is also available in the site. Upcoming events and books related to yoga are also provided.


This website is founded by Phil Aston who is a specialist in stress management and personality development. Yoga poses with clear instructions to do them are available in the website. A holistic approach is also provided in the website.

This website has records on overcoming stress by many people and hence this site is popular. The yoga school is located at a distance of 25 meters from the sea with the views of Mount Bay and Saint Michaels Mount at UK.

Galleries of yoga poses are available in plenty. Some of the poses given in the galleries are triangle pose, lunging pose, the tree, the cobra, crane, downward facing dog, the wheel pose and the side plank pose. It is better to see for yourself to get a feel of the site.


Extensive photo galleries on yoga poses are available in this site. They have their 1200 sq.ft. studio at 4th floor of D tower, Cabotville, Chicoppe Center. This studio has large traditional south facing windows, big bathrooms, and polished hardwood floors.

Parking space with elevator is available in this building. Such facilities are for the use of the students and candidates who practice yoga at their studio. Many such sites are available in the web. All you have to do is do a simple search to find the one that gives the information you want.

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